An Ear Pick for the Hygiene of Your Auditory System

sensitive earsCleaning our ears is one of the essential acts of our body hygiene. The ear pick is one of the tools dedicated to this kind of care.

Widely used in France a few decades ago, it is now more frequently used by ENTs than individuals even if its effectiveness has nothing more to prove.

However, cleaning your ears with an ear pick is a rather delicate task. You will thus need to take some essential precautions to do it in the best conditions and especially without any risk to hurt yourself.

Knowing the importance of inner ear in terms of balance for our body, this statement takes on its full meaning.



What Does an Ear Pick Exactly Look Like?

Even if its name sets you on the right path, let’s precisely take a look at what an ear pick looks like and what are the different types available in shops :


ear pick ENT specialistiron ear pick

stainless steel ear pick

Even if shape and design may differ according to the types, we can see that all these ear picks are destined to fulfill the same function: cleaning while “picking”.

The thin stem acts as a handle with, at the end of it, a scraper shaped liked a small spoon destined to pick your auditory system.


Often made of stainless steel, sometimes of iron or even of ox’s horn (mainly in Asia where the ear pick is still widely used and is number one in facial care tools), this small ear pick will easily be tidied up inside your toilet bag.



cleaning ears

Cleaning ears

How to Clean Your Ears the Right Way?

According to healthcare providers, the cleaning of the auditory system has today to be the subject of numerous precautions.


Pediatricians advise not to use cotton swabs for children, recommended until then, and replace them by natural seawater sprays that are able to clean without requiring any particular action from the parents.


The ear pick wouldn’t be necessarily recommended today, not because of its inefficiency but rather because of the risks linked with its use. Indeed, few people know how to manipulate this tool correctly.

Ideally, in our opinion, the whole outer ear should be firstly cleaned with an ear pick. Secondly, a pressurized seawater spray will help you to clean your inner ear without any risk to hurt yourself.

Here is a video showing you precisely your auditory system anatomy in order to make a simple and effective ear cleaning:



How to Use an Ear Pick the Right Way?

Even if it requires some precautions, the use of an ear pick is not that complicated: always grab it by the handle (as if you were holding a pen) and then pick slowly your ear in a smooth motion free of jolts.

cleaning ears delicately

How to clean your ears delicately

Stay away from any agitation (kids nearby, animals, etc…) so that you won’t have any risk of being jostled when you are cleaning your ear.

You will then remove quietly the cerumen from the pinna of your ear which will be cleaned in a few seconds.

Be careful not to try to clean your ear too deeply: this mistake is at the root of most of the accidents linked with the use of an ear pick.

People often try to go as deep as possible to remove as much cerumen as they can.


Warning: this is dangerous and totally useless!


It is dangerous because it can damage the bottom of your ear canal either by irritating the pinna or at worst by piercing your eardrum.

It is useless because your ears secrete cerumen in order to be protected and even if you try to make it completely disappear when cleaning it, you won’t be able to stop this natural process.



chrome plated ear pickWhat Are the Best Types of Ear Pick?

From the point of view of “effectiveness” there is no type that would differentiate from another. Moreover, ENTs can easily use one kind of ear pick and another kind.

Simply make sure that the top of your tool (the scraper), is not too “rough” or lightly sharp, which would cause to rapidly irritate your auditory system and its sensitive skin.


From our point of view, the stainless steel ear pick remains the best choice.


Regardless of the shape, the matter is really the most important criteria in the choice of your ear pick. With its resistance and its antioxidant properties, stainless steel is clearly the ideal material for this kind of tools used in body hygiene.


It’s your call to choose the kind of ear pick which suits you the most and to choose it with full knowledge of the facts. However be careful: whatever the type you will choose, this kind of tool must be used with precautions in order not to damage your auditory system.

Once you read that, there’s nothing for you but to choose your own ear pick !